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DSWF urgently needs funds to help save critically endangered mammals in the wild, and their habitats. Please give all you can.

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Our Projects: Appeal - Save the Rhino 2012

Location: South Africa, Namibia and India
Project Summary: The effect of wildlife crime on the world's rhino populations is driving them to the brink of extinction. Misplaced beliefs in the curative power of their horn and a newly affluent China driving demand means that unless we act today these vulnerable, gentle creatures will remain threatened. Please help us keep our rhino projects operational. Please help us to save the rhino.
The impact of wildlife crime on the rhino is devastating. But the projects that we support are effectively helping to protect the critically endangered one-horned Indian rhino and the black rhino in Africa. We need your support to continue this work. Thank you.
David Shepherd CBE

In the last ten years there has been a catastrophic rise in rhino poaching - up by 7400%.

Please help us to protect critical rhino populations in India, South Africa and Namibia. 100% of your donation will go towards supporting these vital projects that provide security, monitoring, education and anti-poaching programmes to save these highly vulnerable animals.

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How your donation will help:
£100 Covers the cost of a wireless handset for use by anti-poaching patrols
£250 Covers the cost of a month’s intelligence gathering to track poaching & illegal trade
£1 ,000 Contributes to the special dog squad anti-poaching unit in Assam
£2 ,500 Pays for an anti-poaching field ranger’s annual salary in South Africa

Any gift you can give to contribute to these costs will be hugely appreciated.
Together we can make a difference.

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